Friday, April 29, 2011

Gather Studio

  • gather is a pottery, art, yarn & sewing studio
  • gather offers beginner instruction
  • gather has open studio hours
  • gather is a studio for artists & crafters

Gather is a multi-use studio for artists and crafters.  Introductory gatherings with instruction designed for beginners are offered at Gather in pottery, drawing and painting, sewing and yarn crafts, and more.  Open studio hours are available in an atmosphere where learning and creativity can flourish.

Gather Studio is the place for you to enjoy exploring something new or to bring your works in progress.  Relax and take time for yourself.

Visit Gather Studio, a beautiful second-story loft
with high tin ceilings, wooden flooring,
and windows galore!
You will be inspired by the environment.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Earring Gathering in April

Pat Giancontieri, designer/artist, conducted a workshop on April 27.  Attendees created beautiful Swarovski Crystal earrings.  The workshop will be repeated on May 5, and a new gathering was added - bracelets & necklaces, May 11.  Please see May 2011 Gatherings for further information, and join us!